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We offer blocks of 10 private in-home music therapy sessions for children & young adults under 25 who have been diagnosed with a brain tumour. Upon confirmation of receiving a Music Matters grant you will be contacted by a registered music therapist in your area who will arrange sessions with you.
In some cases where music therapy isn’t possible or appropriate, we also have a Music Therapy Resource Grants available.



We are working in partnership with the Australian Music Therapy Association. For more about music therapy visit their website.

“Music therapy is a research-based practice and profession in which music is used to actively support people as they strive to improve their health, functioning and wellbeing.”




In cases where music therapy isn’t possible, or appropriate, we also have Music Therapy Resource Grants available.

Beth was just 16 years old and was facing a brain cancer diagnosis. A steel tong drum provided solace during her hospital treatment, but once she got home she no longer had access to it. That’s where the RCD Foundation Music Resource Grant stepped in. Now Beth has her very own Hapi Bell Drum!


From recording sessions to a musical instrument, we are flexible with the type of services or products our resource grants provide.

If you would like to enquire about our grants or submit a grant request, please contact Annette Baron.  Email, Ph: 0406 776 687


Music is more than just fun and relaxing, it can have a profound impact on our brains. Music therapy is the evidence-based use of music to accomplish individualised treatment goals. It can help with learning. For example, through its use of shared networks in the brain, music can target speech & motor deficits. It can help to improve memory and attention, as well as enhance psychological coping. Music therapy is non-invasive and is motivating, both of which help the heart sing and the brain heal.

Pictured: Pippa, 9, setting the beat with music therapist Sarah Punch.


During Connor’s treatment for a brain tumour, he had weekly sessions of music therapy. Music was a high note that played on beyond the hour, filling Connor’s heart, home and family with relaxed happy memories. It’s this very personal experience that drives us to support other patients and families.

Pictured: Connor, chilling with his brother Nick and sister Hannah.


Lisa McCune, star of stage & screen is a proud ambassador of the Robert Connor Dawes Foundation and our Music Matters program.

More on Lisa’s involvement in Brain Matters

Picture by: Chris Eastman.


One of our Music Matters Grant recipients, Lulu (pictured) first received music therapy when she was diagnosed with cancer at eight months old. She started it up again when in 2018 when she was eight years old. Music therapy has provided Lulu with a creative outlet, helped her focus, and improved her gross motor skills. Through her sessions with licensed music therapist, Verena, Lulu has developed a love for singing and performing.

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Your generous donations are helping us fund music therapy for kids with brain cancer, along with critical research and development projects. Thank you for helping us change the odds for young people, and supporting them in the meantime.

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We work closely with hospitals and healthcare networks and accept grant requests from qualified community & health professionals. If you would like to enquire about our Music Matters grants or submit a grant request, please contact Annette Baron. Ph: 0406 776 687