Making Waves is a conversation series where Founder & CEO of the Robert Connor Dawes (RCD) Foundation, Liz Dawes, sits down with some of the world’s best and brightest brains who are helping to change the odds for young people facing brain cancer.

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Episode 7: Marek Birchley

Liz speaks with Marek Birchley, co-founder of the Robert Connor Dawes Foundation and Connor’s Run. As part of Connor’s Run 2022, Celebrating 10 Years series, Liz will be speaking to a number of important people who helped make Connor’s Run what it is today, the largest event for Paediatric Brain Cancer in the world! Liz and Marek reminisce about how and when it all started.

Episode 6: Dr. Kim Wark

Liz speaks with Dr. Kim Wark, Research Manager at the RCD Foundation. Kim joined us in 2021 with a wealth of experience as both a researcher and managing the research. This experience has come from working for CSIRO, The Victorian Cancer Agency, and The Red Cross Blood Service. Kim discusses the research plan for the future of our Foundation and how as a collective we all need to work together to solve brain cancer.

Episode 5: Dr. Michael Prados

Liz speaks with Dr. Michael Prados, Professor of Neurological Surgery and Director of Translational Research in Neuro-Oncology at UCSF. In 2012 he created Pacific Paediatric Neuro-Oncology Consortium (PNOC) , a multi institutional consortium of 15 major academic centres across the US and now internationally, including Australia.

Episode 4: Dr. Adam Resnick

Liz interviews Dr. Adam Resnick from the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP), where he is the Director of Data Driven Discovery in Biomedicine. Liz talks to Adam in a fascinating discussion about data sharing, international collaboration and what motivates one of the world’s best brains working on the brain.

Episode 3: Dr. Jason Cain

Dr. Jason Cain from the Hudson Institute of Medical Research sits down with Liz to talk about his work, and latest developments in discovery research and clinical trials.

Episode 2: Dr. Misty Jenkins

Dr. Misty Jenkins is the Laboratory Head, Division of Immunology, at the Walter and Eliza Hall Institute. Liz speaks with Misty about her work that we are supporting, the importance of collaboration and the exciting new developments that her and her team are working on.

Episode 1: Dr. Jordan Hansford

Liz talks with Dr. Jordan Hansford, a clinical oncologist specialising in children with brain cancer who works at the Royal Children’s Hospital in Melbourne. Liz discusses with Jordan the work of his that we are supporting and navigating his way through COVID-19.


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