Help us make childhood brain cancer go the way of the dinosaurs 

Aeternum Fortis Society members are determined to make critical research happen to support our mission: Change the odds for young people facing brain cancer, the #1 disease killer of young Australians.

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• We have created and helped fully fund the AIM BRAIN Project-every child diagnosed receives a complete genomic diagnosis of their disease

• We’re investing in improving quantity and quality of paediatric brain cancer Clinical Trials

• Investing in immunotherapy research at WEHI

• Established our Music Matters Grants Program: A national referral for at-home music therapy



As an Aeternum Fortis Member, you’ll be invited to exclusive events and receive regular updates on the impact of your donation.

Our world leading expert Scientific Advisers help us identify and validate the most impactful research in Australia and the world to ensure every cent of donations goes to the research that is deemed crucial towards finding a cure.

Aeternum Fortis Society members are people who understand that life changing results require laser-like focus, passion, strategy and the funds to make it a reality.

Without them, breakthroughs in treatment, such as Dr. Misty Jenkins’ immunotherapy work, wouldn’t be possible.


Develop an Australian initiative, connected internationally, to help researchers work together on meaningful collaborative research.

Expand our Music Therapy Program to reach as many young brain cancer patients as possible.

Establish a program that ensures consistent funding of PhDs/Fellows within Australia and connected internationally.


Members have discretion over what project(s) funds will be allocated to and 100% of all donated funds will be used for these projects, nothing else.

Betsy and Dale talk about the importance of regular, high impact giving.



Aeternum Fortis Society members are accelerating global advances in research and treatment of paediatric brain cancer.
They have a direct impact on young people and their families facing this terrible disease.


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