The Aeternum Fortis Society Brainy Breakfast

On Thursday 23rd May we held our inaugural Aeternum Fortis Society Brainy Breakfast at Elwood Bathers, where we invited an exclusive group of passionate people to officially launch our Aeternum Fortis Society.

The society consists of like-minded individuals who understand that life-changing results require strategy, focus, and funds to make it a reality. With their help, we are able to accelerate global advances in research and treatment of paediatric brain cancer.

We were lucky enough to have Dr Misty Jenkins of the Robert Connor Dawes Foundation Research Program at Walter and Eliza Hall Institute of Medical Research (WEHI) on hand to present her breakthrough immunotherapy work.

Our other speaker was our newest legacy ambassador and former music therapy recipient, Kat Matilla. She spoke about her journey with paediatric brain cancer and how music therapy helped her through her recovery.

We can’t thank our generous donors and supporters enough. Without them, breakthroughs in treatment, such as Misty’s immunotherapy work, wouldn’t be possible. Our supporters are game changers, having a direct impact on the lives of kids diagnosed with brain cancer.

We hope our Brainy Breakfast will be an annual occurrence. And if you are interested in attending next year and joining our Aeternum Fortis Society, please reach out to Lisa Bird