Spotlight on Medulloblastoma: Ethan

Sunday 26 is Childhood Brain Cancer Awareness Day, this year the focus is on medulloblastoma. We’re shining the spotlight on young people who have been impacted by this disease. 

Ethan was 11 when he was diagnosed with a medulloblastoma brain tumour. He was initially misdiagnosed with a stomach ulcer, until it was finally determined he had a tumour that was most likely only present for between 3-6 months. He endured a monumental 16 hour surgery to remove his tumour, he then undertook intensive radiation and a year of chemotherapy. All of which have had and will continue to have side effects.

Prior to his diagnosis, Ethan was a fit, vibrant, intelligent boy who played division one footy and soccer.

Ethan’s ‘I Will’ affirmation for Connor’s Run 2019 was to play footy again. He managed to do this to the best of his ability, although he was still very weak. 

Unfortunately, the struggle to recover from brain cancer is endless. Learning to swallow, walk, talk and write all over again. Building your body to some sort of normal after the gruelling treatment. Trying to cope at school when you’ve missed so much learning and socialisation – it’s something no child should have to deal with.