RCD x T.House: Goods That Do Good

T.House have created beautiful home products, with 100% of profits from sales being donated to our Foundation.

T.House is the brainchild of longtime RCDF supporter, Tina Nettleford. T.House is an online platform that will offer Tina’s new philanthropic collection of limited-edition homeware essentials – with 100% of profits donated to a charity that Tina believes in. Her objective: not simply to make everyday items more inspiring, but to turn everyday shopping into charitable giving.

A huge thank you to Tina for her incredible generosity.

The range includes:

Ceramic Diffuser:

Designed and produced in Australia by a local artisan, these exclusive T.House ceramic diffusers are my favourite natural, environmentally friendly, air and fabric freshener.

I use them all through my home not only for their gorgeous fragrance, but to freshen clothing, repel moths and keep away insects. The stone works by soaking up the oil in it’s porous clay and then through time the fragrance is slowly released.

Room spray:

Created exclusively for T.House this warm, spicy and exotic fragrance will add freshness to your interiors and household linens.

Featuring a unique blend of specially selected perfumes that are designed to be both uplifting and warming the Ginger leaf room spray is easy to use, just spritz and enjoy!

Treat yourself or your loved ones with a gift that gives back, with all proceeds going towards a charity close to my heart.

Ingredients: Perfume grade ethanol, purified water, premium ginger leaf fragrance, butanol.

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