RCD Ambassador Tamsyn off to Rio

From competitor to commentator, our ambassador Tamsyn Lewis Manou will be heading to the Rio Games… now just days away!

Tamsyn has a long record of success on the athletics track, winning a total of seventeen Australian Championships in 400m, 800m and 400m hurdles. She began representing Australia at an international level in 1994 and wore the green and gold at the Sydney, Athens and Beijing Olympics.

In 2016 she’s swapping the runners for a microphone, and will be alongside Bruce McAvaney to keep us all up to date with what’s happening on the track and field.

“It will be really nice to be able to watch and witness all the athletes achieving their dreams. Even when they perhaps don’t achieve what they want it is still all part of the roller coaster ride sport provides and we as the audience get to see it play out. I have always loved to run so I’m tipping there will be a tiny bit of envy when watching the young fit athletes out there.”

Tamsyn has been involved in Connor’s story since the beginning as she is the athletics coach of his sister, Hannah. She agreed to join the Foundation as an ambassador because of the strong Dawes family spirit which she says is infectious.

“I absolutely love family energy and ability to chase a dream and make it reality.”

As someone who loves running herself, Tamsyn has been a huge supporter of Connor’s Run. This year, she has put together a training program for those who will be aiming to run like the wind which can be found at http://www.connorsrun.com/updates/2015/6/1/training-with-tamsyn.

“I have never been a part of a charity/fun run with so many people smiling, laughing and oozing with enthusiasm. It is a friendly and positive crowd all wanting to play their part in remembering those who have suffered from Brain Cancer and helping to find a cure to prevent others suffering in the future.”

Whether you’ll be training like an Olympian and sprinting to the finish line on September 11th, or strolling along stopping to enjoy all the entertainment, make sure to keep an ear out for Tamsyn as you cheer on the Aussies in Rio!