Outcomes of Travel Grants

Outcomes of Travel Grants for Fiscal year 2021-2022

We warmly congratulate the following grant recipients for the 20th International Symposium on Paediatric Neuro- Oncology (ISPNO) in Hamburg, Germany, June 2022:

RecipientInstitutionStateAmount Awarded
Dr Laura GenovesiThe University of QueenslandQueensland$5000
Dr Zahra AbbasTelethon Kids InstituteWestern Australia$3500
Dr Hetal DholariaTelethon Kids InstituteWestern Australia$3500
Ms Geraldine CallanThe Royal Children's HospitalVictoria$3000
Dr Yan TuMurdoch Children's Research CentreNew South Wales$5000
Dr Holly HollidayChildren's Cancer InstituteNew South Wales$5000
Mr Regienald GayamanThe Children's Hospital at WestmeadNew South Wales$3000

Outcomes of Travel Grants for Fiscal year 2022-2023

We proudly announce the grant recipients for the following events:

Australian and New Zealand Haematology/ Oncology Group (ANZCHOG) Annual Scientific Meeting in Sydney, Australia, July 2022

RecipientInsitutionStateAmount Awarded
Dr Paul DanielHudson Institute of Medical ResearchVictoria$2000
Ms Amanda LuckSouth Australian Health and Medical Research InstituteSouth Australia$2000
Dr Cinzia De LucaThe Royal Children's HospitalVictoria$2000

Cancer Research UK Brain Tumour Conference 2022 in London, United Kingdom, September 2022.

RecipientInstitutionStateAmount Awarded
Dr Alex DavenportWalter & Eliza Hall Institute of Medical ResearchVictoria$5000

54th Annual International Society of Paediatric Oncology (SIOP) Congress in Barcelona, Spain, September 2022.

RecipientInsitutionStateAmount Awarded
Dr Janelle JonesHudson Insitute of Medical ResearchVictoria$5000
Professor Maria McCarthyRoyal Children's HospitalVictoria$5000

Zero Childhood Cancer National Symposium in Sydney, Australia, 26-27th October

RecipientInstitutionStateAmount Awarded
Dr Jacqueline WhitehouseTelethon Kids InsituteWestern Australia$2000
Ms Sarah ParackelHudson Institute of Medical ResearchVictoria$2000

Society for Neuro-Oncology (SNO) Annual Meeting in Tampa, Florida, US, 16-20th November

RecipientInstitutionStateAmount Awarded
Professor Jordan HansfordSouth Australian Health and Medical Research InstituteSouth Australia$5000

Children’s Brain Cancer Centre Conference in Queensland, Australia March 2023

RecipientInstitutionStateAmount Awarded
Dr Aaminah KhanChildren's Cancer InstituteNew South Wales$2000
Dr Han Shen Westmead Institute for Medical ResearchNew South Wales$1000
Dr Yolanda Colino SanguinoChildren's Cancer InstituteNew South Wales$1000

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