Our latest commitments

After the tremendous success of Connor’s Run, we now have in excess of $300,000 earmarked for significant brain matters projects. We are very proud to be supporting and collaborating with some of the the worlds leading epidemiologists in ground-breaking research.


Collaborative Ependymoma Research Network

The CERN Foundation is comprised of a dedicated group of scientists and neuro-oncologists working to find new treatments for epedymoma. This donation will fund an international study exploring the risk factors for developing ependymoma.

COGNO: Brain Cancer Biobanking Australia

BCBA is national consortium of paediatric and adult brain cancer clinicians, researchers and biobankers who have joined forces to network and streamline Australia’s disparate brain cancer biobanking operations. The aim of this initiative is to provide researchers with access to the quantity and quality of tissue and data they need to accelerate brain cancer research.

Sponsorship of the ISPNO

Largest international industry research event for pediatric brain cancer

Music Therapy

A re-affirmed commitment of support to our Music Matters Grants program.


These exciting new initiatives have been approved, alongside our continued support of:

PhD Student Sponsorship, Brain Cancer Discovery Collaborative

Music Matters Grant Programnow with a referral program at almost every children’s hospital throughout Australia

Funding of Collaborations, Sick Kids in Toronto