Music Matters Grant

As part of our Care projects in brain matters, we are providing Music Matters grants of 10 music therapy sessions for children and young adults, aged 25 years and under, who have been diagnosed with a brain tumour.

Why does the mind heal when the heart sings?

Music is more than just fun and relaxing, it can have a profound impact on our brains. Music therapy is the evidence-based use of music to accomplish individualised treatment goals. It can help with learning. For example, through its use of shared networks in the brain, music can target speech deficits. It can help to improve memory and attention as well as enhance psychological coping. Music therapy is non-invasive and is motivating, both of which help the heart sing and the brain heal.

What does music therapy sound like?

During Connor’s treatment for a brain tumour, he had weekly sessions of music therapy. Music was a high note that played on beyond the hour, filling Connor’s heart, home and family with relaxed happy memories. Below is Connor singing The Lazy Song by Bruno Mars with therapist Sarah Punch.

More information

If you would like to find out more information, please contact our music therapy coordinator Una Miller.

Contact Una or download the info sheet.