Introducing Our New Music Therapist: Megan Goodwin!

We’re excited to officially introduce Megan Goodwin into our RCD Music Matters Pilot Programme, which has been generously funded by The Helen Amelia Hains Foundation.

Megan is extremely well qualified, a Registered Music Therapist (RMT) with a Bachelor of Music (Therapy) from Melbourne University, a Graduate Certificate in Adolescent Health and Wellness (Oncology), and holds a Masters degree in Adolescent Health and Wellness, and a Diploma of Counselling.

Megan has gained further experience and training in Neurologic Music Therapy Techniques (NMRT) and Drama Therapy techniques and uses her counselling training to enhance her therapeutic capacity. Megan has a wealth of experience, having worked at Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre for several years before building up her private practice in varying areas including Dementia Care and neurologic conditions, palliative care, oncology and special development (early intervention). Megan has worked on numerous research projects in Australia over the last few years, particularly focusing on Dementia Choirs and Music Listening to enhance health. She has also co-authored a paper on the Neurocognitive effects of music therapy on paediatric radiation patients and until recently worked as a support officer for the International Music & Medicine Foundation. She is now part of the commission for research and ethics on the World Federation of Music Therapy advisory board.

The Music Matters Pilot Programme was instigated due to the high demand for our music therapy sessions, with a shortage of music therapists working privately in Victoria. High demand for their services through the National Disability Scheme (NDIS) means music therapists prefer to commit to providing their services to long-term clients over RCD Foundation clients. Having Megan as our own permanent part-time music therapist enables us to help more children and young people living with brain cancer in Melbourne, especially those living in outer Melbourne where support is very limited. This will mean we can say ‘yes’ and support many more children in the fight of their life.

Please join us in welcoming Megan to the RCD Foundation family!