Harry the hero: our latest ambassador

We are delighted to have Harry join the Robert Connor Dawes Foundation as our newest Ambassador.


Harry Dunn is a survivor.  He has faced, as a teenager, one of life’s cruellest obstacles: a brain tumour.  Harry is one of the lucky ones, his brain tumour was benign.  He had a successful surgery and is now living his life…a different life, for sure.  He has to deal with tiredness uncharacteristic for a young man and eyes that are much more sensitive…but his life is his to live.  Harry could have moved on from this experience, hoping to put it all behind him.  Instead, he has embraced our charity, enthusiastically taking part in Connor’s Run each year and amassing a large cohort to run and fundraise along with him.  He is dedicated to giving back, helping young people dealt with the same cruel diagnosis but with a much crueller prognosis.  Harry is spending 2017 as a student leader at Caulfield Grammar’s Nanjing Campus in China. We wish him all the best on this exciting opportunity and will welcome his involvement from afar until he returns.


Picture (top): Two of our biggest fundraisers – Andrew Cox and Harry Dunn at our 18.8km start at Connor’s Run yesterday