Brain Week 2018 – that’s a wrap!

During May 7-11 more than 20,000 people at schools and workplaces across Victoria, and interstate, took part in Brain Week.

Brain Week, which takes place during Brain Cancer Awareness Month, encourages participants to host their own events to raise awareness, encourage healthy and fun brain-engaging activities, and raise much-needed funds for a fantastic cause.

We absolutely loved seeing the creative ways you celebrated Brain Week, here are just some of the many highlights –


It’s the comfiest casual clothes day of the year! Check out all the looks from hockingstuart, Brighton Secondary, Firbank Grammar and Haileybury.


Brighton Sec

Firbank (2)


Rubiks cube competition

Brighton Grammar really got their noggins ticking with a ‘speed cubing’ competition. Even staff picked up some tips from RCD Ambassador and world record holder Feliks Zemdegs!

Brighton Grammar

Brighton Grammar (5)

Trivia night

PwC and our very own Scott Dawes got their brains ticking with a fantastic trivia night.



We had so much fun attending Haileybury’s quad party and group Zumba class. What better way to make your brain happy than with some dance exercise.

Haileybury (2)


Brainy brekkies

PrimeQ tuck into some delicious brain food to support brain matters.

Pic from Brain week PrimeQ 11 May 2018

Brainy merch

Firbank and Brighton Grammar students raising much needed funds for brain matters with great merch.

Firbank (3)

Brighton Grammar (2)

There were so many great activities during Brain Week, including yoga and meditation classes, bake sales, dances, BBQ’s, movie nights and even student vs. teacher debates!

Thank you to every single one of you who celebrated Brain Week this year. Your support means the world to us and young people facing brain cancer.

We’re still collecting and counting donations so please check back soon for the final amount raised for paediatric brain cancer through Brain Week.