Connor’s Run 13: An Awesome Result

200 volunteers. 2000 participants. $115 000 raised.

We love it when a plan comes together.

Sunday September 15 will be remembered for the blue skies, smiling faces and sweaty grey shirts.

It was a special day that exceeded all expectation and gave us the opportunity to celebrate Connor’s life and launch his legacy.

But the most heartening sights on those Melbourne streets were the personal pledges taken by each runner. These were some of our favourite commitments:

Fav commitments CR


What you may not know about the day:

  • Shadow runs were held in 15 different cities around the world, from Paris to Green Bay.
  • Everything was donated. The massage therapists, the bands, the burgers, the photographers, the lot!
  • 90% of the money raised will go to brain matters projects.
  • Matthew Keen (Connor’s old rowing coach) completed the entire 18.8km’s in a zuit suit, raising over $1200 in the process. Reports indicate that he managed more looks Miss Universe Australia, Olivia Wells.



We couldn’t be happier the results. Your massive energy was overwhelming and has set the bar high for next.