Aloysius the Ram at Chateau de Lalande

From Rothwell Publishing, comes the enchanting story Aloysius the Ram at Chateau de Lalande.

In collaboration with Chateau de Lalande, Jo Rothwell has produced this latest book with profits going to Robert Connor Dawes Foundation and Peace of Mind Foundation.

Aloysius (pronounced, Allo-ishus) is written in rhyme, and tells the story of a rambunctious and mischievous ram who creates chaos and mayhem as he races through Chateau de Lalande.  From laundry to teapots, crowns and Picassos, nothing is safe when Aloysius crashes by.

Chateau de Lalande, is a 16th century chateau located in central France and owned and run by Stephanie Jarvis. It has featured in the TV series Escape to the Chateau DIY.  Stephanie’s YouTube channel The Chateau Diaries showcases life at the Chateau, including her ram Aloysius. (Read more about the real life story of Aloysius and the chateau here)

Jo Rothwell was inspired to write this story during the first wave of Covid lockdown. A little obsessed with French chateau renovations led her to discover Stephanie’s vlogs and where Aloysius and his rampaging ways leapt onto the pages and now hopefully into the world of a child.

Sadly, Jo has her own understanding of the impact of cancer.  She was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2011 and it became incurable five years ago. She is doing well in treatment and is determined not to be defined by a disease. 

The Robert Connor Dawes Foundation is extremely honoured to be chosen alongside Peace of Mind Foundation, with $5 from every book being donated to the foundation directly.

A perfect Christmas gift for kids, you  can buy a copy direct from Rothwell Publishing here

Aloysius the Ram at Chateau de Lalande