4 years on – Liz reflecting on Connor

April 20, 2017

Four years ago today my beautiful and strong, world at his finger tips, 18 year old son Connor took his last breathe after a brave and philosophical journey with brain cancer. It seems like 4 minutes ago, that time has stood still, that any moment he could walk through the door, his smile lighting up the room and filling my heart.

I promised him on the day he died that I would celebrate and love him every single day for the rest of my life. That has been the easiest promise I have ever made. I know for certain he has made me stronger, better, wiser and the same is true for his dad, Scott brother, Nick and sister, Hannah…and I hope many, many of his friends. I feel as he was taking his final breathe his spirit was already getting to work giving me a calm and resolve…a sense of purpose..a clear vision of how we could create a meaningful legacy in his name.

Our beloved 13 yr old golden retriever Maddie had 13 puppies 10 years ago and last weekend her first born male Snowy died. The irony wasn’t lost on me…my loyal companion and I now have this terrible fate in common. This photo is 12 year old Connor holding Snowy as a puppy…no sign of the trouble that lurked ahead and for that I am grateful.

And now tonight we launch our 5th Connor’s Run, what we started as a way to begin building a legacy in Connor’s name and a productive way to channel my grieving heart has turned into something quite special…is magnificent too big of a word?
Connor’s Run is now the biggest event for the country’s cruelest disease. This week there has been much talk about the Australian government’s lack of funding into brain cancer, the #1 cancer killer of young people. And while I wholeheartdly agree, I am also proud that we are not waiting. There is lots of work to be done and we are going about doing it! I’m proud of our amazing team and the tireless work so many are giving to this cause, to Connor’s legacy, to helping us make a real difference.. I am happy I have developed a strong and working relationship with the best paediatric neuro-oncology minds in Australia and globally. Four years on and I know we will have a positive impact on every child diagnosed with brain cancer in this country. Not a bad legacy Connor and I truely hope its just the beginning.

I took a courageous leap having Connor’s Run registrations open tonight along with a party to celebrate…this day is always difficult, a cold harsh reminder of what we have lost and of father time and his relentless march forward. But then, I rationalised with myself, that we created our charity to do something positive about something that isn’t….what better way to celebrate him and what he has inspired than by launching this amazing event in his name.

Aeternum Fortis ❤️