What is Aeternum Fortis?

One of Connor’s more unusual interests was Latin, which he took as a class at his school Brighton Grammar. Aeternum Fortis was created by his Latin classmates as a motto they felt symbolised their friend’s attitude and spirit that held steadfast through his battle with an ependymoma.

Meaning ‘Eternal Strength’, Aeternum Fortis first appeared on t-shirts and wristbands that his friends sold to raise money for Connor’s treatment.

After Connor’s passing, Aeternum Forits has begun to take on a life of it’s own.

As a #hashtag on Instagram, it has become a motto and personal reminder for us to push through adversity. Many around the local area and community have been seen running or training in these t-shirts, keeping this spirit close to their heart.

ATtee1 ATtee2 ATtee3 ATtee4

We encourage everyone to take Aeternum Fortis and give it their own meaning. It’s own context. This way Connor’s brains, brawn and heart will continue to inspire us all, no matter who we are and what our own personal challenges may be.

Aeternum Fortis.