The Value of Volunteering

Why should I volunteer?

I think the real question is: why not? There are so many great benefits from taking a few moments out of your week, month or year to put towards making a real impact on the people and world around you. When volunteering part of your time, you aren’t only benefiting others but ultimately helping yourself in numerous ways. Below are just a couple of reasons why you should consider signing up as a volunteer today.

1. Your mental and physical health will positively skyrocket!

It has been proven time and time again that getting out of your house and doing something good for the world will in turn make you feel fantastic. By putting time and effort into helping others you can gain new perspectives on your own life. There is little out there that could replicate the serene feeling you have when you sit down on the couch after a solid day’s work knowing you helped change the world just that little bit more.

Furthermore, in a constantly increasing digital and virtual world, there are so many jobs that now work from home. Volunteering helps get you out of your seat and moving, which your body will definitely thank you for in the long run.

2. Makes you more employable

You may not have looked at many job applications and seen the term ‘volunteer experience required’ but if you’ve got it on your resume you’ll be at the top of every employer’s list. Volunteering gives you real-world experience working in an environment where you have to work collaboratively and willingly to make sure the job gets done well. This is the kind of experience that employers love to see because it shows passion, motivation, and dedication. Elements that not everyone applying for jobs has.

3. Make friends and networking opportunities

This is the element of volunteering that everyone has told you about, selling the idea of socialising with a group of strangers. But are they really strangers? They too have chosen to volunteer with the same organisation with you so their passions must be similar. Providing an avenue to potentially make new friends and connections, as you never know who you will meet! Maybe they are fellow students still making their way through high school and university, or maybe they are older adults with a vast array of connections willing to put in a good word for you when going for that dream job.

But if you really aren’t up for stepping into an environment where you know absolutely no one, ask your friends to volunteer with you! We get excited when you show up in pairs or groups because then we know you’ll definitely have a fun day among friends.

4. Learn new skills

Have you been finding the classroom environment isn’t quite helping you skill you up for the world around you? Then volunteering is where it’s at. Public speaking, customer service, and problem-solving are just a few skills that you will be able to develop during your time volunteering. Even though volunteering is unpaid work, it doesn’t mean you get nothing in return. Some opportunities provide training to be a part of; furthermore, the work that you take on as a volunteer can help shape you into a quick learner that is more willing to put their hand up for any task offered. 

5. Gives you a sense of a well-rounded life

Lastly, one of the key reasons so many people are signing up for volunteering: fulfilment. The average person eats, sleeps and works/studies. But when something feels slightly incomplete then volunteering is the answer. It helps to break up your schedule and add an element of fun to the routine you have gotten so used to. Finding new motivations, renewed purpose, and a whole new way of looking at the world. This is what volunteering can bring you. 

Get the most out of your volunteering

So now you know why you should volunteer, the question is now how do you make sure you maximise all those benefits?

  • Enjoy Yourself
      • Always be there with a smile on your face and ready to jump into everything. Embrace the nerves of trying something new. But if you feel yourself dreading going then act upon it and make a change.
  • Ask questions
      • Know what you’re doing and how this is going to help you and your future plans. Standing around all day aimlessly won’t skill you up, take action!
  • Know what is expected of you
    • Be comfortable with knowing the commitment you signed up for and the hours you agreed upon. If anything feels uncertain then ask questions. 
  • Don’t be afraid to ask for a change of tasks 
    • If you feel ready for a harder task then speak up. This shows initiative and willingness to take on more or different work.

Volunteering for the RCD Foundation

Do you want to:

  • Try something new?
  • Help be a part of finding a cure for brain cancer?
  • Support someone you know with brain cancer?
  • Meet new people?
  • Expand your hobbies and interests
  • Get some experience working before leaving school?
  • Take up your company’s engagement program?

If you answered yes to any of these questions then contact us today to become part of our amazing volunteers team! With so many events throughout the year we love to get as many people, young or old, onboard to join in the fun we have while raising much-needed funds for brain cancer matters.

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