Roadtrip USA: Visiting top researchers

This was far from your average road trip.
Liz and Celia,  were joined by  Debbie Clark, Connor’s aunt &   RCD  Fund USA’s research liaison and  Director of the Brain Cancer Discovery Collaborative, Prof. Terry Johns,  to meet with several key peadiatric brain cancer research specialists and their impressive teams across the US and Canada:

  • Nicholas Foreman at Denver Children’s, Colorado
  •  Richard Gilbertson at St Jude’s in Memphis, Tennessee
  •  Michael Taylor at Sick Kids in Toronto, Canada

These men are at the forefront of pediatric brain cancer research, and in particular work being done on ependymoma.  All expressed optimism in the potential of uncovering real progress in treatments as a result of better understanding of the disease itself.
We are committed to helping link Australia into any collaborative efforts that come out of their research.

RCD FUND - St Judes

St Jude’s in Memphis

RCD Fund - Sick Kids Toronto

Michael Taylor (the renowned global guru of pediatric brain cancer research) & his impressive team at Sick Kids Toronto