Q&A with RCDF Events Manager Stuart Forder

We’re pleased to announce the hire of our very first Events Manager, Stuart Forder!

Our Foundation relies heavily on our events to raise our revenue and it felt like the right time to bring someone on board to manage this huge area. Stuart brings great experience and energy, please join us in welcoming him to the RCDF family.

Q&A With Stuart

How long have you lived in Australia? Where were you living previously?

I’ve been in Australia for the last 13 years plus one year backpacking before that. Before backpacking I lived in Edinburgh where I was at uni.

Tell us a little about your background

My 13 years in Australia have all been spent working in the event industry. Mainly organising the merchandise programs for major international events such as F1, Moto Gp, World SBK and others. In the last few years I have moved in to event project management and working with National and international sporting bodies as well as international brands such as Puma, Red Bull and Ferrari.

Favourite aspect about event management?
The diversity of roles that I get to work across and the people that I get to work with.

What will your main responsibilities at the Foundation be?

My Role with RCD covers the strategic and procedural planning of all RCDF events, working with all departments across the foundation to further enhance the ROI of each event and increase the impact and awareness of the foundation.

What you’re looking forward to in the new role?

Playing my part in helping the foundation continue to hit new highs in fund raising for such a worthy cause.

What’s an interesting fact about yourself?
I started playing tennis at 33 and class myself as Scotland’s second most successful singles player.