Lisa McCune – Superstar, Ambassador and Friend of the RCD Foundation

Lisa McCune joined the Robert Connor Dawes Foundation’s fight against Brain Cancer a little over a year ago. Since then, the talented actress and singer has used her voice support our Music Matters program and to tell the world that ‘The Brain is Where the Heart Lives’.

Lisa is a four-time Gold Logie award winner who featured in hit TV shows Blue Heelers and Sea Patrol. Her passion for music has seen her star in musicals such as The Sound of Music, Cabaret, Urinetown and Guys and Dolls.

“Music has played such a large part in my life and as a result, I can see how what a massive difference it can make to other people” – Lisa McCune.

Lisa and Liz (Connor’s mum) met many years ago in a local park, before her kids had started school, and had a connection from early on. When recalling how she got involved in the foundation, Lisa refers to how incredibly inspired the whole community, including her own children were by Connor’s story and the ambitious goals of the charity. The tipping point came after Liz delivered a speech to Lisa’s daughter at her school, and she came home that night asking if her mum could help out.

Since then, Lisa has been raising awareness for the work of the Robert Connor Dawes Foundation and, specifically, the profound effect music therapy can have on those suffering from Brain Cancer. Lisa represented the foundation and sang her heart out at Bayside Carols. We thought she’d do a better job at holding a tune than we ever could.

“In working with the charity I hope I can lend my name to raise awareness for such an important program and support it in whatever way I can” – Lisa

Lisa’s house has always been very musical, and beyond the therapeutic benefits, she can see the value in music therapy as it can fill a home with positivity in a time of tragedy.

“The foundation has inspired a voice in our kids – a new generation who are actively involved in raising awareness and funds. Thanks to Liz, it is always fun, creative and heartfelt.” – Lisa