Key Donation in Memory of Campbell Hoyt

The Robert Connor Dawes Fund is pleased to announce that it will be supporting paediatric ependymoma research at the Weill Cornell Medical Centre in New York. This donation will be made in memory of Campbell Hoyt using the funds raised from our US Connor’s Runs.

Campbell bravely fought an ependymoma (as Connor did) for 5 years before passing away on August 21, 2014. Her brain has been donated to Weill Cornell for genetic research. Campbell and her family also donated 6 biopsied samples spanning across her entire battle, providing invaluable information pertaining to the genetic markers and changes in tumours.
The donation will support the ongoing trials into personalised clinical trials by the ‘Children’s Brain Tumor Project’ co-directed by Dr. Jeffrey Greenfield and Dr. Mark Souweidane. Much like the RCD Fund, the CBTP believes that treatment plans should consider the whole child – not just the disease, with an emphasis on the rehabilitation and quality of life of their patients.
It is a privilege to help honour Campbell’s life in this way.