Oh, the things we could do.

While it doesn’t sound like much, giving up even one coffee a week and donating that $5 could make a life changing difference to young brain cancer patients.

Donating just $5 a week for a year funds access for one patient to world-leading diagnostic testing through the AIM BRAIN Project.

Donating $10 a week for a year funds 10 hours of PhD research to get the best brains on the job to find a cure.

Donating $20 a week for a year funds 10 in-home music therapy sessions to support young patients through the fight of their life.

It’s not easy being this forward, but when you’ve found the one you just know-and we know you’re a keeper.

Think of the things we could achieve in a long-term relationship! We could fund cutting edge immunotherapy research, ensure every child has access to the best diagnostic testing in the world and support patients in the fight of their life with at-home therapies.

Most impressively, we can change the odds for kids facing brain cancer. So what do you say, should we go steady? We’d love if you registered as a regular donor to the RCD Foundation, it could be as little as a $5 donation per week, and to make it official we’ll send you our new RCD Foundation Keep Cup.

So what are you waiting for, let’s lock this thing in!

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