Joyful Callum

Angels & Heroes stories are true tales of courage and heart from the families & friends of those who have fought a brain tumour.

Callum was diagnosed at 13 months with a malignant brain tumour named PNET. He underwent surgery to debulk the tumour, followed by six intensive rounds of chemotherapy. Callum survived 10 months post diagnosis and passed away quite suddenly.

Callum was a sweet, loving and joyful little boy with a big personality. His cheeky grin won over many hearts, while his courage and determination defied his age. Callum’s infectious smile drew the other patients in hospital to him and he spent most days walking the hallway so as not to miss a thing on the ward.

Callum left too soon and although we are apart he will live forever in our hearts.

Written by Callum’s mum, Tanya Fox.