Go Grey Your Way

Go Grey in May gives schools and workplaces across Australia a chance to make brains matter with fun and engaging activities, all to raise money for paediatric brain cancer – the #1 disease killer of young people.

Go Grey your way for the month of May by organising and hosting your own events to raise awareness, encourage healthy and fun activities, and raise much-needed funds for a fantastic cause.

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Why Go Grey In May

We believe the brain is where the heart lives and an attack on it, is an attack on who we are. This is why brain tumours are so devastating.

Robert ‘Connor’ Dawes was the victim of such an attack. For 16 months Connor battled a brain tumour, but at just 18-years-old, lost his fight.

This is why we’re going grey in the month of May, to celebrate the brains that make us who we are, care for them and stimulate them all while raising money for paediatric brain cancer – the #1 cancer killer of young people.

Go Grey Your Way!

Spend an hour or devote a week, there are no rules when it comes to celebrating Go Grey In May.

There’s so many ways to get involved, choose one of our activities or create your own to nourish, activate and elate those brains!

Nourish – feed your brain with delicious and healthy foods like fruits and nuts. Why not host a ‘Brainy Brekky’ before school or throw a bake sale during lunch time
Activate – get those noggins ticking with brainy quizzes, riddles or Rubik’s Cube challenges
Elate – get those endorphins pumping with whatever makes your brain happy! Host a yoga session, sports game, art class or even your own comedy festival – laughter is the best medicine after all.


Have you heard? Grey is the new black! It’s also the colour of brain cancer awareness. So throw on your trackies and host a very cosy casual clothes day to raise extra funds for paediatric brain cancer research. The official Go Grey Casual Day will be Friday May 24th.

In May 2019 we introduced our online trivia game, birdbrain. Thanks to everyone who played, and our sponsor Sharpie, together we raised $31,082 to help young people fight brain cancer. 

Did you know?

Grey is the official international colour of brain cancer awareness.