Go Grey In May 2021

What is Go Grey In May?

Don’t worry, you don’t have to lose the hair dye and show off your grey hairs! We are all about the GREY MATTER – your brain – and all the ways you can celebrate it and help children battling brain tumours.

May is Brain Cancer Awareness Month, giving everyone the chance to focus on raising awareness for childhood brain cancer. Go Grey In May is a way to make learning and fundraising fun for all those involved. It is a time for the young and young at heart to participate in fun, awareness-raising activities that raise much needed funds for childhood brain cancer.


Lock that day in your calendar and make sure you are wearing all your comfy greys! All of us here at the RCD Foundation will be working, eating, and exercising in all our grey clothes on that day. So why not throw on your trackies and host a very cosy casual clothes day to raise funds for paediatric brain cancer. How many different shades of grey do you own? Don them all and if anyone asks, tell them why!

Why do we do it?

Connor passed away in 2013 from Ependymoma, a form of brain cancer found in children. His legacy inspired the creation of the Robert Connor Dawes Foundation, giving us a mission to end paediatric brain cancer. By working towards supporting brain matters in the areas of research, care, and development we hope to build a strong platform of support for those going through treatment today while supporting the researchers finding cures tomorrow.

We fight year-round. But we understand that life can get too busy for everyone to fight that constant fight, so for just one month, May, we ask you to join us in spreading the word and our fundraising wings. Whether hosting, participating, or sharing in events – there are so many ways you can participate.

How can you get involved this May?

This May we have so many opportunities for you to join in the FUNdraising. As always you can host your own event, as we have a full armoury of resources and ideas to get your perfect event happening. But if you’re looking to get involved in another way take a look at what we have on offer below.


It’s been nine years since we lost Connor, but we’re still celebrating him, and all the things he loved – including books and reading! Connor’s Book Club is a way to celebrate your own grey matter during the month of May. Read whatever you wish, as much as you can, throughout the month of May. Simply set your own reading goal by yourself or with a group and join our community of brainy bookworms.

Join us over at Connor’s Book Club on Facebook, all welcome! https://www.facebook.com/groups/connorsbookclub


Do your body, mind and soul a favour and join The Robert Connor Dawes Foundation for a mindful and relaxing hour of yoga with Connor’s wonderful yoga teacher, Patricia Algeri. Either join us IRL at Hampton Beach Foreshore, or via Zoom from anywhere in the world.

During Connor’s treatment for a brain tumour, he had weekly sessions of yoga therapy with Patricia. The gentle power of yoga to connect movement, mindfulness and deep relaxation quietly strengthened Connor’s body, relaxed his beautiful mind and nourished his strong spirit.

On Saturday May 8, Patricia will also lead us through the same “I will…” affirmation process she did with Connor, which led to his affirmation of “I will be….awesome”. Join us to be awesome too! All levels and abilities welcome.


It’s back! Better than ever with a whole new load of brainy questions to get the cogs turning each time you log on to play. Play birdbrain during the month of May and each time you play our awesome sponsor, Sharpie will donate $1 (up to $10 per player) to us on your behalf. Answer three fun trivia questions over three rounds – whether you get 0 or all correct, Sharpie will still donate. It’s a win-win!


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