6 Sept 2020 | Round 9

Our Kicking Goals for Brain Cancer round is a chance to make brains matter.

Ask your family to pledge $$s for every goal kicked on the day! It can be as little as $1 per goal, or as high as $5 – there are no rules!

Thanks to our wonderful supporter, the South Metro Junior Football League (SMJFL), clubs from across the league will participate in our Kicking Goals for Brain Cancer round.

The round has grown to include more than 26 clubs from the league, AFL superstars and celebrities all across the country.

You can get involved by making a donation to your club or team, or buy a beanie, pair of socks or mini football – available throughout the season from most club canteens, your club’s online merchandise site or online at rcdfoundation.org!

Contact karen@rcdfoundation.org for more information.

Make a donation

Kicking goals for brain cancer

As the SMJFL’s charity partner we’re thrilled the league has been supporting brain matters for the past three years.

Thanks to all the generous players, coaches, team managers, goal umpires, runners, trainers and supporters who have helped us raise over $100,000 since 2017.

SMJFL has been a huge supporter of our foundation and is very close to our heart, with both Connor’s brother and sister playing throughout their childhood years.

So be sure to mark your calendars for this year’s Kicking Goals for Brain Cancer round and help your local club support a worthy cause.

If you’re a club and want to get involved, reach out to Bree Vallance bree@sportscatch.com.au

Buy a beanie

This years’ beanie was designed with our loyal and supportive SMJFL community in mind – inspired by sport and active fun! Beanies are now available to purchase via our online store. If you are interested in a beanie box for fundraising, send us an email karen@rcdfoundation.org

So grab a beanie, snap a pic and tag @rcdfoundation and #beanies4braincancer

shop RCD beanies

Limited edition Kicking Goals footy

Every SMJFL club will receive a Kicking Goals for Brain Cancer size 4 Sherrin football, plus we will have a few extra to giveaway, so stay tuned on our social channels.
Along with our game size footballs, we have Kicking Goals for Brain Cancer mini footys (20cm) available for sale. We only have a limited quantity available, so if your team is interested in purchasing these for fundraising, please reach out to Karen karen@rcdfoundation.org

Our mini footys are also available to purchase via our online store.