Connor’s Swim: Dan’s English Channel Crossing

Connor’s Run is a gruelling test of fitness and heart, but endurance swimmer Dan Canta (14) is taking Aeturnum Fortis* to a new echelon. Inspired by Connor’s story, Dan is currently training to swim the English Channel in August 2015 for the RCD Fund!

Dan, a current Brighton Grammar student (as Connor was), is aiming to be the youngest Australian male to swim the Channel. The swim from Dover England to Calais France is a punishing 32km in open water, taking it’s challengers anywhere from 7-27 hours to complete.

However, this hasn’t deterred the youngest Brighton Iceberger from attempting this iconic swim, having qualified earlier this year by swimming under 14 degrees C for 6 hours.

In preparation to take on the Channel, Dan is training 12 times per week under the tuition of John Van Wisse (current Ultra-triathlon world record holder).

Dan is currently looking for sponsorship of all kinds, and by supporting Dan you’ll be supporting the RCD Fund’s brain matters projects.

We are thrilled by Dan’s decision to swim for RCD; it’s seriously awesome. This event encapsulates everything that Aeternum Fortis represents and we will be tracking his progress every step of the way. Good Luck Dan!

You can donate on his GoFundraise page here


*Aeternum Fortis: Latin, ‘Eternal Strength’. A symbol of Connor’s attitude and spirit.