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Here are a few ideas of how to make your Brain Week fun. It’s not an exhaustive list, and of course you can put your own spin on the week. Your school can do as much or as little as you wish – there is no pressure with Brain Week, its just about making #brainsmatter.

Selling Merchandise

Make sure that in the weeks leading up to Brain Week you are promoting the fact that everyone will be able to buy $2 Brain Week Merchandise. Then make yourselves as visible as possible throughout the week! Some suggestions are: dropping into homerooms each morning, walking around with the boxes at recess and lunchtime or even just standing at the exit of the canteen (encourage people to use their change to buy merchandise!).

Rubik’s Competition

Hold a massive Rubik’s Cube competition one lunchtime or over the course of the week. Hold preliminary rounds to get as many people’s times as possible then have a grand final where the top five face off – head to head. The winner will be able to represent your school at the Brain Week inter-school Rubik’s Cube competition where they will be able to verse the current World Champion, Feliks Zemdegs.

Quad Party

Get a BBQ organised, some music to blast and some fun activities (Photo Booth, Twister – anything you can think of) and host a party in your school’s quadrangle in honour of Brain Week. Fairy Floss machines are very easy to hire and use and are always a massive hit!

Bake Sale

Organise for all the prefects or leaders (or whoever wants to contribute) to bring in a baked good each and sell it all one lunchtime.

Brain Week Mural

Speak to your Art Department and try to get some large pieces of white butcher’s paper. Stick it all up on a wall in a central location and give people the opportunity to paint on it – creating a massive Brain Week Mural. You can even monetise this by asking for a gold coin donation.

Riddle Hunt

Make up a set of riddles where the answer leads to another place within the school and set up a school wide riddle hunt. Get as many people involved as possible and make sure you have a great prize for the winner.