Brain week is a time to make brains matter.
To raise awareness and get thinking about the brain and brain cancer.
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Brain tumours are the #1 cancer cause of death in kids. Research is on the verge of breakthroughs so young people like you can help make brains matter and show the world the brain is where the heart lives.
Brain Week is a time for the young, and the young at heart, to start a conversation about brain cancer and to champion the brain with fun awareness-raising activities. Big or small, so much can make an impact for pediatric brain cancer. You can spend an hour or devote a week.


FRIDAY 5th MAY 2017

Have you heard? Grey is the new black. Schools and workplaces around Australia are throwing on grey trackies and jumpers for this themed fundraiser.
Join us for a very cosy casual clothes day.



Pin a badge on to your bag. Wear a ribbon in your hair or a band on your arm. All cost $2 each and do more than raise funds, they put the issue of brain cancer out there.


Brain Activities are the best part of the week. Some great ideas from previous years are: Chess tournaments, book exchanges, Suduko competitions, bake sales, during lunch, at a sporting event.

We’d love you to share your creative ideas with us.


Brainy Breakky

Throw a spread of brainfoods and invite everyone to start their day smart.

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Quiz Master

Host a brain week inspired quiz. Challenge year levels or a school nearby.

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Bake Sale

No need to brainstorm, just bake up a storm of tasty treats.

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Brainy Comps

Host some brainy lunch time games and competitions.

Here’s how


We’re getting prepped for the biggest Brain Week yet, and we’d love for you to join us. Register your school


A record 20,000 students took part to raise over $20,000 at 20 schools.


15 schools from across Victoria, New South Wales, Queensland, and New Zealand raised funds through bake sales, selling RCD merchandise, holding brainy tournaments and a Grey Day. Here’s the recap.


In seven short days, the first Brain Week made #brainsmatter and raised more than $15,000 to support Research, Care and Development projects for brain tumour fighters.

  “By the Wednesday, we had sold off all our merchandise and were ringing the RCD Foundation for more… it was so impressive to see all 1400 students from our senior campuses get involved… we’re going to push for all 3000 students of Haileybury to makes brains matter next year.”

– 2015 Captain of Haileybury, Harrison Jones

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If you are interested in participating please complete our registration form and we will get back to you. While Brain Week is May 1 –5, if school is on holiday this week, feel free to schedule at a time when school resumes.
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How exactly do you put on a Brain Week? How much work is it? What should you do? Last year’s top fundraisers share their tips

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